Quick notice for ya!

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Terms of Service

Describes users' and server administrator's rights to this service.

Acceptance of terms

Describes what you will promise us by using this service.

When you accept the terms, you accept that:
- Your IP Address (hashed with SHA256) is linked to upload.
- Uploads including any form of prohibited content is authorized to be deleted by the action of server administrator at any time.

Prohibited content include:
- Any form of pornographic content
- Copyrighted content, where uploader isn't allowed to share the content
- Uploads including personal information

Personal information includes any phone numbers, physical addresses, internet protocol addresses and names.

User's seal of approval

Describes user's rights to manipulate your data saved to servers.

You should only contact with this service through the official website. All penetration testing is prohibited towards this service. We don't take any responsibilities for the content uploaded in this service, and the uploaders are always responsible for the content they upload.

There may be changes to our way of processing certain operations, which also includes changes to our way of processing user specific data. Each time there is any changes the new terms or policies are updated to our website at https://usva.cc.

We save uploaders' and downloaders' IP-Addresses as SHA256 hashed strings to limit the amount of unwanted abuse of our services. In case a file seems suspicious certain checks automatic or manuals checks may be done. If the reviewed file breaks the terms of service it will be deleted.

If you wish that an upload would be taken down for any reason, please contact the administrator.