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This service uses cookies to save the authentication session when downloading protected files. For more information see our Privacy Policy.

Usva is an open-source temporary file cloud with multiple features.

Usva's primary goal is to provide everyone a trustworthy and anonymous file sharing service with built-in security controls for every user. Usva isn't tracking you down, or showing you annoying ads. Usva is hosted without any profit.


Most notable features of Usva condensed

No footsteps left behind

After a file has been deleted from Usva's servers there is no traces of you.


Add your files, press upload and you're ready.


Usva was designed to be as energy-efficient as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

We know. We haven't answered all the questions yet.

How do I upload my file or files?

Navigate to the website root, drop the files to the box (or add them manually) and follow the steps. We are constantly improving our service to make uploads easier and faster.

Can I protect my files somehow?

Yes. This service provides an optional password protection for every upload. For more advanced protection you can choose to encrypt your files in the upload process.

What is the main concept of Usva?

The ideology behind Usva is to offer a service for extremely simple bulk file uploads securely. Usva is completely free for the users.

Open for contributions!

Usva is open-source software and open to any kinds of contributions. There is a lot of things you can help with, including for example writing API docs or improving the website.

Summary of Usva's terms and policies.

A quick overview of your privacy and rights with Usva. Here you can find the most notable parts of both privacy policy and terms of service.

Terms of Service

  • Uploads including any form of pornographic content is strictly prohibited.
  • Uploads including any illegal documents, including copyrighted content is prohibited.
  • Uploads including personal information should be always encrypted when possible, to prevent possible breaches from leaking them.

In case prohibited content is uploaded, the uploader will be banned from uploading for the next 30 days and files the user has uploaded will be deleted without further notice.

Privacy Policy

In nutshell, we save IP addresses of file uploaders as SHA256 hashed strings to make temporary banning of guilty uploaders possible. All personal information is strictly processed either in the browser or at the latest in the server.